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Death to dictator

Posted by iranrevolution on June 22, 2009

So where do we go from here? Yesterday was quieter on the streets of Tehran than it has been for days. The thugs, getting the go ahead from Khamenei, showed their true ugly faces and insulted, injured, imprisoned and killed our beloved sisters and brothers with impunity.

Yesterday was the time to assess the situation and the achievements made so far. It was time to regroup, to reorganize and to deliberately decide our next move.

Make no mistake, the basij militia on the streets is not a show of force, it is a true show of weakness. The regime is faltering; its inner circles are at each others throats. Grand Ayatollahs are openly criticizing the so called supreme leader. Rafsanjani’s own relatives are apprehended. The speaker of the parliament voices discontent and even the Guardian Council has admitted that in 50 cities the number of votes has been more than 100% in a direct rebuff to Khamenei’s suggestion that the election has been fair.

We need to keep the momentum up, to have the upper hand, to be the leading player in this battle for achieving our inalienable right to be free, to dictate the rules and to decide what our next step shall be. We must make this regime to counter our moves and not vice versa, we need to lead, to be strong. We must not flinch nor blink; we must stand united and be sure within ourselves, in our depths and in our hearts that the victory is in sight.

I talk to friends in Tehran each morning and each time I hear the same message. The cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Death to dictator’ are louder each passing night. This my fellow countrymen is the key to victory, stand united and let the entire city now that you are not alone, that your neighbours are not alone, that you are a majority, that you stand together and that you are ready to walk the line. Smile and think of how Khamenei feels in his bunker as he hears your cries for freedom. Instil fear in the hearts of your basij opponents and soon, reminiscent to the last revolution, the basij will disperse like dandelions in wind and your brothers in armed forces will join you in this new Iranian revolution. Victory is indeed in sight.


17 Responses to “Death to dictator”

  1. Parviz Tehrani said

    Keep up the good job. This is the beginning of the end for the unIranian regime in Tehran.

  2. Suggestion: People of Iran should gather in large groups in public places and simply read the Quran. Only infidels would shoot people reading the Quran. Any shootings would expose the Supreme Leader as truly an infidel.

  3. Bart said

    Do the ‘God is great’ thing again and you will wake up in just the next theocracy my friends! And remember how big the gratitude was of the last theocracy that has been put into the saddle by your revolutionary predecessors. The new theocracy will slit your throats in the night when they are in power. Just read M. Foucault on the subject of power and you will understand how power works. It does not change by revolutionary force. It changes when you simply do not give in. Not to the old and not to the ‘new’ powers that be.

    I am sorry to have to warn you from a save point of view. And I am sorry if this discurrages anybody. But this has to be said and remembered I think: Try hard to be a free person and do not enslave your selves to the next power in order to escape the former one.
    Good luck there!

    • iranrevolution said

      Hi Bart,

      I appreciate your comment. As an atheist, I am not much concerned about the meaning of ‘God is great’ but more intressted to get the people cry out a phrase that the authorities cannot possibly object to. Be sure that this is a feeling shared by many of those who are actually do the shouting. This is a way to manifest the multitude of the protesters and not necessarily their belief in a divinity. Allaho akbar is used in Persian on daily basis and is virtually dressed off its real meaning.

      Keep supporting us.

  4. Vicki Davisson said

    God bless you in your fight. We are in awe of your courage. We’re praying for your success in your struggle for freedom.

  5. Tassachiara said

    I hope and wish that the movement will continue till political freedom and peace come to the people of Iran.

  6. hanzi88 said

    Slowly but surely change will come. The people still holding on to power fear change because it challenges their existence. They will struggle to hold on as long as possible. But like the laws of gravity, eventually, they’ll have to fall to the ground and when they do, the harder they hold on, the harder the impact. I hope the fall is more gradual so that there’s less casualties for all sides. Khamenei can also do himself a favor by listening to the people and call for a re-election to defuse the current crisis.

    • Change does not come slowly in matters like this. The time building up to the change may make it look slow, but once events reach a tipping point change occurs quickly. I believe the situation has reached such a point if the people of Iran will grab the opportunity. What they need is a way to do this without getting slaughtered. See my suggestion above.

  7. John N said

    That’s the spirit! Keep it up, keep them on their heels, keep the momentum on your side, keep advancing with overwhelming force (not literally violent force of course, but the protesting) until they trip over themselves attempting to run away. Show them that you will not be intimidated. Our prayers are with you.

  8. Mabuse said

    Chanting is all very nice but it won’t get the job done.
    There needs to be much better tactical organization and preparation for these demonstrations. People need to show up prepared to fight and ready to deal with the effects.
    Everyone needs to have a 6 foot “pike” of some sort–broomsticks, rebar, bamboo, PVC, whatever. When the police charge or the Basij Motorcycles swoop, cluster into tight groups with those pikes pointed outward and DO NOT break and run. Start swarming the riot police with these as well: use the pikes to break open the formation and then grab them: grab the shields, helmets, batons, SWARM them and TAKE that equipment for your own use.

    Plastic buckets: Fill these with marbles and dump them in front of charging police. The marbles also make excellent slinghot and sling ammo. The buckets can be placed over tear gas canisters to severly limit the spead of gas.

    Incendiaries: The old fashioned molotov can be improved by adding styrofoam to the mixture of 1/3 diesel to 2/3 gasoline. Olive oil is an excellent incendiary as well. Keep pots of water boiling at all times to use when Basij break into abode to scald them.

    Remember: YOU have numbers on your side. THEY are counting on the fact that you won’t get organized and that you will be easily intimidated and that you won’t fight back as organized groups.

    Disappoint them!
    “War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” ~ John Stuart Mill

    • iranrevolution said

      Thank you for your comment. However, I believe that wielding batons and other cold weapons against the police will only result in them using greater fire power and as you point out, this might lead to a civil war and much bloodshed. As much as I like to live free, I rather try and to get there without bloodshed. I do not believe that all options have yet been exhausted. A general strike for instance might prove much more powerful than street clashes.

    • I agree with iranrevolution regarding the post by Mabuse and have made a suggestion along these lines (above).

      Having said that, I would point out that a Basij helicopter is no match for 5 meters +/- of piano wire attached to a bottle rocket. The Viet Cong brought down more than a few Hueys and Bells this way.

  9. […] Death to dictator […]

  10. Cyrus said

    Death to dictator.greating to is victor.A IRAN with and justice

  11. bart said

    My twitter pic is still green and it stays that way. I would love to visit a free and tollerant Iran some day.

  12. a chinese said

    let iran free,kill the dictator

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