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A Young Girl Shot Dead

Posted by iranrevolution on June 20, 2009

WARNING: The link in this post is graphic and gruesome.

I am sitting in the comfort of my study and writing blogs which in a very small way I hope will contribute in toppling the oppressive regime of Iran. I am asking my fellow countrymen to go out on the streets and ask for what should be their birthright, freedom.

But as I watch in horror and disbelief the last moments of a young girl dying in the streets of Tehran I wonder if we are entitled to ask our fellow countrymen to become martyrs so that the rest of us can once again be free. Yes I have doubts, great doubts. I am, like so many of my fellow countrymen sick and tired of a nondemocratic autocratic repressive regime that discredits Iran in the world and deprives its citizens from basic human rights. Dare I utter a simple truth: We all want to live our lives freely! This should be a right given to every human being by birth. There should not be a price to pay for being free. There should not be! Still, in Iran today, we are witnessing the indiscriminate killings of our fellow countrymen for the crime of being freedom lovers. And I am wondering, do I want to see even one more of my beloved countrymen to fall victim by the hands of this evil, vicious and cruel regime and its foot soldiers? Am I in a way responsible for the death of this girl?

It is a truly sad day for all of us. Please, never ever forget her. Promise to remember her as if she was your sister.

With a heavy heart…

Update 2009-06-22

Some people have suggested that this video is a fake. In a way I wished that these people were right but I am sad to say that the girl in this video, Neda Agha Soltan was indeed shot by the Basij and that the video clip is authentic. BBC Persian interviewed Neda’s fiancé and some of the initial information, such as the man in blue being Neda’s father is corrected. That man is in fact Neda’s teacher. Neda is now buried at Behesht Zahra cemetery. May she rest in peace. Her lot is 32 41 257.


51 Responses to “A Young Girl Shot Dead”

  1. Thank you for your witness. So many wish we could do more to help.

  2. Gubu World said

    You are doing a brilliant job. This is a difficult day for Iranians, in some ways it must be more difficult for Iranians living abroad. I admire you and your blog for the support you offer your country. Please keep it up.


  3. sheila said

    I can’t imagine the saddness you are feeling from the images coming out of Iran, but I believe the Iranian people will prevail. My parents fled Hungary in 1956 due to a similiar situation . I made some New Years Prediction for 2009 in January and I saw a new day for Iran.
    In early 2009 I posted an Ireport predictions for the New Year 2009, I was curious to see what I posted about Iran I was very surprised at my accuracy of the situation ,
    Iran: I sense great changes in Iran , a new day, I feel strongly that there will be a great shift in Iranian Society . The election will bring a new positive energy to Iran . I strongly sense a woman in power , or a powerful woman will effect change in Iran. I do not see any conflict with Iran. The powerful Women may just be Neda as a symbol for peace . Sincerely Sheila

  4. Abdul Kareem said

    Thanks for your wonderful work. Please note that the NY Times in their coverage today, June 20, fails to mention the use of live ammunition by the regime or to mention the fatalities. the Times might be pushed to be more responsible and accurate in covering events

  5. Polycarp said

    My goodness – more people need to see this.

  6. Sohran Rahnama said

    برای ایرانیان خارج ازکشوراعتصاب در برابر نمایندگیهای سازمان ملل برای جلوگیری از خونریزیهای بیشتر و پایمال شدن انسانیت در ایران

  7. dustin said

    shit is fucked up so dont know what to say

  8. Sohran Rahnama said

    What a huge disaster to Iranian people!!!

  9. J P Sims said

    God and the American People are with and support the people of Iran in their struggle for freedom. The time has come to bring down the despotic government and replace it with government of the people. My heart goes out to the family of the Neda who was killed while expressing her views as a citizen of Iran as well as others who have been killed or injured. As an American, I demand that the US give full support to the people of Iran in their struggle for freedom and expression.

  10. ladan said


  11. francesca said

    many miles separate us, oceans divide us, our cultures are diverse. but our wills connect us. we are different people’s, but our voices and our hope will always make us more similar than not.

    i send my love and i send my support to the Iranian people. my heart aches for your plight. the graphic video of the young woman who died on the street by her family’s side, will forever be etched in my heart. she and the Iranian people are my heroes. you have my unyielding support and i will carry thoughts of hope and prayers for you all.

  12. She won’t be forgotten. Her silent voice will be heard for years to come.

    I’ve written this post in her honour:

    Sorry for your country, your countrywomen and men, and for all the suffering. The world stands witness and prays for your collective strength.

    • iranrevolution said

      Thank you Susan for your great and sensitive post. I advise my readers to read Susan’s post. It is a touching post that I am sure we all can connect to.

  13. Lela said

    Thank you and to all Iranians who are showing the world what true courage is through your peaceful demonstrations while demanding accountability of your government. Freedom is a cherished RIGHT of all men and women – it is a GOD given right – only despots try to take it away. May God be with Neda and her family. May young families name their daughters Neda so an entirely new generation may never forget her bravery and sacrifice for their freedom.

    “Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.” – Benjamin Franklin

    “Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature.” – Benjamin Franklin

  14. susannah said

    someone on twitter said there was a 5:32 length NEDA video – can anyone find this?? looking for something with more footage to disprove those who may say the Neda video is a fake… I was an early viewer of the Neda video – I was outraged and spread the word for others to see the video – but now methinks, truthfully, there is much to suspect… no crowds or police presence, TWO cameras/angles, clean-direct shot, doc on the scene to help/tape/report – just seems to be a bit too “tight”…. but whoever did it knew medicine well enough to make it realistic – but thrn again, that’s where the on-the-scene doc comes into play. Can NEDA’s identity be verified ???

    • iranrevolution said

      Does it matter if it is true? Regime has admitted that at least 10 people were killed Saturday. IF Neda is fake, then one of the other 10 are true. Neda is every martyr.

    • Hmmmm. It’s interesting that people have become so cynical that everything they see must be proven, otherwise it must be fake.

      If this was staged, it was done masterfully. My intuition, my heart and my gut tell me it’s real…

  15. Habibie said

    Sadly there is always a price for freedom, and that price is vigilance.

    Don’t let their lives be wasted for nothing. I am so heartened and inspired by the Iranian people who stand up against oppression, knowing the danger they face. I am NOT Iranian and I am not a muslim, but I respect your beliefs as a fellow human being. Ahmedinejad is as small-minded as Bush was.

    My thoughts are with you all.

  16. thomas. d. said

    I am sorry, but i really think the neda video is a fake. they all say its direct heartshot. but there is no reason to bleed out of the nose and mouth after a heartshot. also a heartshot will not have much blood, because there is no bloodpressure anymore. just after one guy is doing something with his hands around her face, blood is streaming out of nose and mouth. really looks fake.

    • iranrevolution said

      Hi Thomas.

      You cannot prove a negative and I cannot disprove what you say. But that is almost beyond the point. Even though Neda is a fake – which I personally don’t think, there are still many other martyrs that the regime is admitting have killed. So just assume that Neda is one of them. We should not feel more sorry or be touched more profoundly just because we witness the last moment of a person’s life. But that is the human nature. Let Neda be for you one of the many other who have perished anonymously by the hands of this regime.

    • Well, i’ve seen two videos. The first one was almost immediately after the event, but I can’t seem to find it; I didnt’t see it on youtube. It’m in UAE and all the videos of her death have now been blocked on youtube.

      The video i saw showed her face front on from an angle kind of below her chin, it was very close up. She was not bleeding, no hands there or anything, and then the blood just started streaming out of her mouth. And then her eyes stared in a very weird way. The blood was running right into her left eye and she didn’t blink. As I say, it was not on YouTube, it was posted somewhere else and I can’t find where now.

      One of the reports I heard said she was shot in the neck. I know nothing about medical stuff, so don’t have a clue about that. Also, I’ve never seen anyone die, as I say in my blog post here:, so I don’t know…

      There are now vids on CNN that look like from cell phone cam supposed to be of her and her father just before. You can see them here:

      Another CNN report here:

      Someone has posted a photo here:

      It’s the anguish in the cries of the people around her that make feel it’s real…And as I say, my intuition. I could be wrong but my heart says it’s true and real. I just feel sad for her family. Especially her father who watched her die. it’s heartbreaking.

    • June said

      I can’t believe someone could watch the death of that beautiful angel and think it would be fake. What you were watching was the life leaving her, she was bleeding out. “bleeding out” is when someone has severe internal bleeding and the blood literally leaks out of any bodily opening. Repeating myself here, but, how can anyone watching that video NOT realize how REAL it was? I think that the Government struck a HUGE blow to itself when that sniper shot poor Neda and the government knows it.

      • Brad said

        Thomas, although news reports say she was hit by a “heart shot”, if you look where those helping her are holding their hands, it is in the upper left quadrant of her right breast; just beside the breastbone and below the clavicle. A shot to this area from any military caliber rifle would cause extensive damage to all organs in her chest, particularly to her heart, lungs, trachea, aorta, etc. Any such damage would cause massive internal bleeding that would naturally flow up through her mouth and nose when in the prone position. This was NOT fake. If you watch all the videos out there, this will be clear.

    • Chris said

      You sound like someone whose sole knowledge of death comes from playing video games. What exactly are your medical qualifications to say what a heart-shot looks like?

  17. Iva said

    So many of us support you. We are with you in our prayers and are wondering why the UN isn’t making a move to aide the people of Iran.
    Freedom is a human right and your dictator and his regime need to be removed. Stay strong and fight for your rights. The people should never fear their government, the government should fear its people. God bless you and keep with justice and freedom!
    Blessings from the USA!

  18. pam said

    re: “a young girl shot dead,”as i read your post, i am sad to say, that i believe that the cost of freedom in Iran, may require the loss of more lives. as i watch these brave Iranians on the news, i feel so helpless and anguished. i want the Iranian people to know tha you are in my thoughts continuously, as i pray for your peace and freedom. may God/Allah be at your side as you fight your battle, for the basic human right of your freedom. Neda will always be in my heart, her bravery will inspire others to fight for their freedom. Neda, may you rest in the arms of Allah, as you sleep in peace.

  19. No matter what the American President is saying (or not saying), there are many American People of all religions and skin colors who are thinking of the Iranian people and praying for their safety and well-being. The People of Iran are in many of our thoughts and prayers and I am not alone when I say that I wish there were something I could do. Please be safe and know that there are so many People around the entire World who are praying for the Iranians who are putting themselves in harm’s way for the right to have a voice in their own country.

  20. […] young Iranian woman murdered in this video  is being ID‘d by bloggers as “Neda Agha […]

  21. Vanessa said

    I’m been haunted with the image of that dying girl since Saturday. The first time I had ever seen someone die. I hate hoping that the riots won’t stop because I know more protesters will die. And yet I hope they don’t stop because I want those people to win their freedom. Not give up and let the regime win because of their brutality.

  22. Jana said

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Iranian people. I empathize with their struggle as my family and I defected from communist Europe in 1970. This is a very similiar situation. I saw my dad almost shot as he was demonstrating for our rights and freedoms, rights that were denied to the people by the governments. He was demonstrating for democracy. I hope the world will not turn a blind eye to the plight of the Iranian people.

  23. Myawin said

    I think Neda’s case is real, we are very sorry to see such kinds of violation made by Ahmadinejad’s government. At first, i couldn’t believe it is true. I am not Iranian, but we believe all of you Iranians will get the Freedom and Peace for your works. Wish Neda in Peace..:|

  24. At least her death was not in vain.

  25. Anyone who thinks that is fake is full of themselves. It looks from where they were applying pressure that she was hit just above the heart, in the Aorta, the main, large artery that runs above the heart and carries blood to all the smaller arteries that carry blood through the body. Anyone with any knowledge of anatomy would see that. The aorta is right next to the esophagus. She was hit there, and it looks like it tore through her aorta and her esophagus, and she bled out through her mouth. And it was quick, which what happens when you’re hit in the aorta, not the heart. The heart is still pumping, and all the blood is going out obviously, and if that happens you’ll be dead in a minute or two, just like she was.

    People, wake up! This isn’t Hollywood, it isn’t fake. People are being arrested, beaten and are dying here and you act like it’s a movie. If you’re that fucked up, that you think it’s some kind of picnic for these people here, that they’d have the time or the inclination to fake something like this, if you can think that the screams of her father are faked, or that someone could have blood pouring out of their mouth and into their eyes and not blink, if you think that’s fake, you need some serious fucking help of the mental kind. Because you’re more fucked up than people like Khomenei.

    BTW, if more people have to die, it’s better than continuing to live in such conditions IMHO.

    “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”– Emiliano Zapata

  26. Rich said

    It’s clearly fake. The amount of blood on the ground already yet none on her pants. The way her body and head is positioned the blood would not be seeping up and out her mouth and certainly not her nose. If it was coming out at that position it would have to be coughed up or forced up by a reflex in her lungs stomach or throat. Also watch her left hand. She has a container with a white tip. The moment the man blocks the camera she is seen bringing her hand up to her face. When he stops blocking the camera blood has already come out her nose and she drops her left hand. It’s a fake people need to stop rallying behind it. The more doctors, nurses and medical personnel that see and comment that its fake the weaker the movement becomes because the public stops trusting what they hear and see from the protesters.

  27. June said

    Rich, did you see both videos? I am a professional and I am telling you…it was real.

  28. HeathenAngel said

    Would that there were more I could do… my heart is with you all.

  29. Hardy said

    My heart was crying when I see that videos for the first time, but when I took a look at them again, it was full with hate against Ahmadinejad and his so called government. 20 years I was fighting against communism, and now? Only blogging . I wished I could do something to bring him down. Death to all dictators.
    All my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Iran.

  30. Wendie said

    This is obviously a fake.

    Unfortunately people stop thinking when something emotionally shocking strucks them. Like an innocent beautiful young girl being shot…

    The first thing that smells fishy here is the fact that people are standing/walking calmly in the background as this happens. Two guys happily take out their cellphones and record this incident.


    A sniper has just started shooting into the crowd.

    WHY DON’T THEY RUN FOR COVER??? You dont pull out your cellphone and starting recording when a woman next to you has just been hit by a sniper bullet. I will tell you what ANYBODY will do in such a situation: THEY WILL RUN FOR THEIR LIFES AND GET THE FUCK OUT. You dont stay calm when a bullet has just hit someone 5m away from you. You panik and you run.

    Infact the only thing that makes this video vaguely credible is the blood from her nose. Recording someone who spits up a mouthful of fake blood is within the reach of 5 years old – go check on youtube. But blood gushing out of her nose at first made me think this video is real.

    If you watch carefully tough you can clearly see her raising her left arm and holding some sort of syringe in her left hand. Its got a white tip that can be clearly seen. The plan apparently was to have the guy on the left step in front of the camera so she is hidden behing him as she pours out the fake blood. They messed up the timing tough and you can clearly see that blood appears below her nose EXACTLY the same moment she moves that syringe-like object towards her face.

    She then quickly lowers her left arm again.

    Interestingly she’s doing these well-coordinated movements while being unconscious – at least thats what she wants to make us believe by rolling her eyes back into her head.

    • iranrevolution said

      Hi Wendie,

      Before I get massive response to your post, I do the honor myself.

      Neda Agha-Soltan was, sorry is, a 27 year old student who was, again sorry, is, so good at faking her own death that she even convinced her own fiancé to give an interview with BBC and telling the whole fake story. Then, to complete the picture, she even put her self in a coffin and was buried in Behesht Zahra cemetry, with hundreds of witnesses present, in the lot 32 41 257. I only hope that her friends digged her out before it was too late.
      Of course the british are a gullible bunch

      Thank you for your support, please come back and contribute with sensitive and intelligent comments even in the future.

  31. OMG.

    If this wasn’t so tragic, it would be funny. As if people in the middle of a revolution would want or need to fake their own deaths… It’s absolutely ludicrous. Why bother? The potential to be killed is around every corner.

    You doubting Thomases, have you not watched any of the other coverage? What kind of warped reality do you live in? Did you not hear the sound of the voices around her? Can you not recognise complete despair when you hear it? Sigh.

    Too many movies and TV have turned people’s minds to mush. They think life is a cinema. Give your heads a shake. LIFE IS REAL.

  32. christy said

    I can not believe how many of you people are saying that the video of Neda’s death is fake. Wendie said Neda was holding a syringe in her hand and that she was unconscious. No she was’nt. For a split second she was conscious. She did’nt know what hit her. And other people have said that blood don’t rush out of the mouth and nose like that. Well let me tell you I have seen car accidents where the driver had a seatbelt on and it crushed their breastbone and yes blood does run out of the mouth and nose like that when there is trauma in the chest area that extensive. The reason being, that when you have that kind of trauma it severs the aorta and the blood has no where to go so it travels into the lung and up the esophagus then spills out of the nose and mouth. You people need to get an educate ourselves before posting such nonsense on a comment board and making yourselves look like idiots. And wendie there were only two people around her at the time she got shot, the man that was reported as her father and the doctor. And when t’s to people like that, the father is’nt going to run away from his dying daughter, and a doctor is’nt going to run away from someone in need of medical attention. And of course people have their cell phones out taking video and pictures. This is a revolution. They want to get the word out around the world about the atrocities brought on by that tyrant of a president. Someone should asassinate his ass like that poor girl was shot. Here in America, someone like Adijimehad (sp.?) would not live to see another day if he done things like he’s doing. My prayers are with the Iranians as they go through this hell. I love you all. You are all my brothers and sisters on this Earth.

  33. Equally tragic:

  34. […] A Young Girl Shot Dead […]

  35. amazingsusan RT paulocoelho #Iranelection My friend who was seeing trying to save Neda, gives first interview BBC. #neda

  36. and emails between Paulo Coelho and his friend the doctor who tried to save Neda:

  37. Muhammad said

    Dear Wendie
    If you ever had lived, just for one second, in Tehran, esp. in these days you would never get wondered of why people do not run away for their lives.
    How do you know that those two guys had HAPPILY taken out their cellphone and recorded the incident.
    Just open your eyes and think about it, it’s the film that is fake. I think that it’s you and nothing more … .

  38. خون خواهران وبرادران ما بیهوده نریخته،
    هنوز امید به تغییر هست!
    به یاد آنها چراغها را خاموش کرده
    وآینده ایران را روشن می کنیم
    ما چراغها را روز چهارشنبه دهم تیر بین ساعت نه تا ساعت نه ونیم شب خاموش می کنیم.

    ON WENDSDAY 1 JULY 2009 AT 2100-2130.

  39. RT @amazingsusan @InOtherWords_ United for Neda: Amazing tune must be shared: United we stand, divided we fall

    • Marie said

      This poor gentleman also got hit in the upper chest and bled through his nose and mouth profusely. Looks like he got hit right in the aorta.


  40. Cute Linda said

    Nice site. Very professional looking. Thanks!

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