Revolution in Iran

Thoughts on and about the Iranian Revolution

Feel Good

This page is dedicated to stuff that made me feel good, all related one or other way to our green revolution. Enjoy my selection and welcome with suggestions.

Ayatollah you so by The Daily Show

Stand By Me in farsi by Andi Madadian and Jon Bon Jovi

The greatest banderole in the world in French but containing three shows of photographies about the biggest petition and banner in the world by Isabelle Eshraghi

Ye Mosht Sarbaz by Hichkas

Khamenei Song Just badmouth Khamenei with good humour

Tasmim Persian rap by Erfan and Khashayar, sad but with a lot of spirit

Green Men vs Red Men This is a commercial but hey, if the green men win I don’t mind sharing it

Marg bar Rusie (Death to Russia) By the people of Tehran 17 July. I love it how people chant deat to Russia each time the loudspeaker asks them to chant death to US, Israel…

Yare Dabestanie Man By an American dude. There is many renditions of Yare Dabestani but since this is a feel good page and all Iranians love to see foreigners speak Persian…

Yare Dabestanie Man OK, Just one more. This was made in 2006 by for some reason, ehem, it has had a lot of viewers recently

Yes We Can This clip in all its simplicity is as inspiring as it is beautiful to watch and hear.

Sunday Bloody Sunday By U2 in solidarity with people of Iran July 25 2009

Green Scroll in Paris By the People of Iran. If this is not feel good, then what is?

Power Cling A short cartoon that pretty much sums up what went on during the election

Tehran Jange By CyrusMafia

We have Dalai Lama on our side. That makes me feel a tad better.

HH Dalai Lama and Nazanin Afshin-Jam


2 Responses to “Feel Good”

  1. thank you for all this info- Grandmothers for Peace -USA just said we will demonstrate in support of the Mourning Mothers of Iran. i am trying to organize a protest for saturday evening & on aug. 5th, during AN’s inauguration , i live in lynchburg , va. anyone in central va please email me. GOD bless a free iran !!!!!!

  2. Olivier Halbout said

    Be strong ! Go on ! The battle has just begun !
    So much love from France and Europe…

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