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I have been thinking of how Iranians inside of Iran can protest peacefully and anonymously on daily basis. How can they protest in a way that causes no danger to their personal safety but at the same time will become an undeniable popular protest against the regime; a swarm of protest that will render the brute force of the Basij ineffective and futile.

The suggestions put forward here are only some of the ideas that have floated on the internet. What we need to do is to keep on daily, even hourly basis to spread these ideas and to keep pushing people who do not believe in the current regime to follow each and every point. Yes, we even need to pester our fellow Iranians with our relentless efforts to promote these steps. So send this page to all your friends and family right now. Don’t send a copy; send a link because this list will surely be augmented over time. And if you can think of more ways, please please please let me know.

Death to Dictator on an Iranian banknote

Death to Dictator on an Iranian banknote

  1. Sign every banknote with ‘Death to dictator’. Start doing it right now, right this moment. Bring your wallet out and sign those banknotes. If you are a bit scared, do it with a funny looking handwriting that doesn’t resemble yours at all. Imagine the wonderful feeling first time you get a banknote signed by another person. Pretty soon everyone will look at every banknote to find the sign of the protest and if there is none already, they put one there themselves. The central bank will surely try to print new notes to replace those with ‘Death to dictator’ on but there is no way they can keep up if we all do this simple thing right now and every time we get an unsigned banknote.
    Follow this LINK to see the death2dictator blog dedicated to slogan images.
  2. Cause blackout every night at 2100 and hopefully even during other important moments. Yes, it truly does work. Please read this link that explains WHY and HOW. Do it every night, keep doing it and soon will enough many people join in and you’ll have a blackout. Just imagine the feeling when you succeed the first time. And once you have succeeded, keep doing it every night. Will the regime even last one single week of daily national blackouts?
  3. Shout Allahu Akbar every night at 2200. Don’t give up on that one. Nothing scares the regime more than this nightly reminder of their unpopularity. And nothing makes your neighbour more assured that he is not alone than your voice of support. Once the blackout tactics start to work, you may start shouting Allahu Akbar right after the blackout.
  4. Bring down the phone system at 2200. Off hook your phone just before you go out to shout Allahu Akbar, you won’t need the phone then anyways. Please read this link that explains WHY and HOW. Two great side effects are that a. the regime cannot use its land lines and b. they probably will have to NOT to turn off the mobile network.
  5. Wear green every day, make the whole city green. Just imagine how nice it is when you are queuing for bread and you notice every one is in green. Imagine all the spontaneous smiles.
  6. Boycott products that advertise on state TV. This is one of the simplest ways to protest. Just don’t buy these products. Every company understands the laws of economics.
  7. Send mass messages via internet and email. Send news and articles that aid the cause of the revolution, such as this article, to others. This is very important because unity demands a well informed population.
  8. Take your money out of the State banks. Close your account, do this tomorrow. Yes, it is a bit of a hassle but the blow to the government cannot be underestimated.
  9. Join legal gatherings. The regime is not allowing us to demonstrate. Fine, we join legal gatherings. Currently there are two weekly such gatherings. First one is the Friday prayer. If anything, our participation can stop the live broadcasting of the prayer on state TV. The second is weekly soccer games. This one is fun too and will also help our sportsmen. Oh yes, Death to Russia works fine at both occasions!
    NEW: I am happy to see that we are using the weekly soccer games in our struggle. See some videos from the match between Piroozi and Esteghlah on this link.

Observe, doing this every day, every night and every moment does not need planning and coordination. Please spread the word, every day and every hour. Keep resending the link. Keep coming with new ideas.

Finally, anyone willing to translate this page into a better Farsi than my own miserable effort, please contact me on

Why is it important to shout Allahu Akbar? Because that is the last thing they can take away from you!

Writing slogans on public places only if your are sure about your safety

Dead to Khamenei written on a bus

Dead to Khamenei written on a bus

Use every opportunity

Use every opportunity

  1. Take your money out of State banks. Do this tomorrow already. It is a bit of a hassle but the blow to the government cannot be underestimated.

9 Responses to “Daily Protest”

  1. Andrea S. said

    I suggest consulting the appendix in this manual for about 200 different ideas of peaceful resistance tactics (warning, 85-page PDF file, but IMHO should be well worth reading for any Iranian who hasn’t already seen it “From Dictatorship to Democracy”):

    I think the 200 item list has been posted somewhere on the web by itself as well. But in addition to the list in the appendix, the body of the text talks about what other revolutions in other countries have done and how to avoid the pitfalls of the past (for example, how to plan wisely so that you don’t find yourself in a situation where you merely replace one dictator with another one).

    More manuals on peacefully overthrowing dictatorships here — these should have more ideas:

    For people participating in electricity protests, if you aren’t sure which of your appliances consume the most electricity, consult this guide:

    (Ultimately appliances do vary a lot from brand to brand how much energy they consume — two different vacuum cleaners, for example, may consume dramatically different levels of energy. So the best way to know for sure is to consult the original instructions that come with the specific appliance, if you have them. Or maybe google on the web if you can do so safely. But the above link can help point you to which appliances should be worth checking out.)

    The following page, in Farsi/Persian, is supposed to have been written by an employee inside an eletricity plant in Iran about how to cause a black out. Being unable to read Farsi I have no idea if it says anything that isn’t already covered in the link you provide in this post. I’ve been re-tweeting this a lot. I’d welcome feedback on whether it’s worth my while to continue doing so:

    For people who have the chance to leave Iran, someone recently tweeted a link that instructs how you can encrypt digital pictures and videos so security will not erase them at the airport:

    I’m not Iranian but have been trying to follow closely as I can given my other time constraints.

    • iranrevolution said

      Thanks Andrea,
      The first link is currently down. For the second link, it is easier to use a direct HTML link the third link is interesting, and yes iron is a good option. The fourth seems to be correct (written in Persian) and finally the last one is certainly very good to consider if you are about to smuggle out some digital content.

  2. […] […]

  3. Iranianfromiran said

    Thanks a lot ! i will send this to all of my friends here !!

  4. someone said

    please see: OR OR
    all the related documents are here , but any new suggestion should be studied.
    در همین مورد نگاه کنید به یکی از 3 آدرس این کامنت.

  5. […] how to bring down phone system every night at 22:00 as the 4th non violent way suggested by Revolution in Iran to protest against the regime. It is of best use when the mobile system is shut down, and enforces […]

  6. Fifi Lamoreaux said

    You can usually find the wattage of most appliances stamped on the bottom or back of the appliance, or on its nameplate. TVs/Computers use 100 watts or less.
    Clothes dryer = 1800–5000
    Clothes iron = 1000–1800
    Coffee maker = 900–1200
    Dishwasher = 1200–2400
    Fans (Ceiling = 65–175 Window = 55–250 Furnace = 750 Whole house = 240–750)
    Hair dryer = 1200–1875
    Heater (portable) = 750–1500
    Microwave oven = 750–1100
    Radio (stereo) = 70–400
    Refrigerator (frost-free, 16 cubic feet) = 725
    Toaster = 800–1400
    Vacuum cleaner = 1000–1440
    Water heater (40 gallon) = 4500–5500
    Toaster oven = 1225

  7. Kate B said

    This is a beautiful blog, well done! We enjoyed DAILY NON VIOLENT WAYS TO PROTEST. Very good advice.
    Please visit for all news about Iran (coming soon in Persian, too).

  8. ProjectSAD said

    New global initiative to help Iranians change the theocratic dictator regime of Iran is launched by Project SAD (Stop Aiding Dictators). This is a corroborative effort by a group of concerned citizens. Project SAD aims to help direct the formidable power of popular global solidarity to stop the world’s governments and corporations from aiding and abetting the Iranian regime. Through dispersing valuable insider information and identifying the key corporations who supply the Iranian dictators, Project SAD encourages the global community to stop further technological and financial support of the Iranian regime, and ask for effective, swift, and well-enforced sanctions and boycotts imposed against the regime in order to paralyze it in the shortest time, and enable Iranian people to take control of their country and regain democracy and basic human rights. Please visit Project SAD’s weblog here: to learn how you can help Iranians struggling for freedom.

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