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Revolution Martyrs

This is a list of the martyrs of the green Iranian revolution. I strive to confirm all data and link to the original source. I update this list continuously to make it the most accurate source for information about the martyrs of the green Iranian revolution. We shall not forget!

Last update 7:30 Tehran Time, Dec 2, 2009

Date City Number of Martyrs Name of Martyr(s) Source Confirmation
June 14 Tehran, Tajrish, Javaheri Hospital 1 Meysam Ebadi حیات Confirmed
June 14 Tehran, Tehran university 5 Fatemeh Barati

Kasra Sharafi

Mobina Ehterami

Kambiz Shoaee (Shojaii, Shojaee)

Mohsen Imani

Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat

Conflicting source

June 15 Tehran, Rasool-e Akram Hospital 9 Mostafa Ghanian

Mehdi Karami

Sarvar Broumand5

Fatemeh Rajabpour5

Masoud Khosravi

Ahmad Naim Abadi & pic

Sohrab Arabi & BBC8

Amir Hossein Toufanpour

Davood Sadri17

Human Rights Watch Confirmed
June 15 Tehran, Erfan hospital 15 Alireza Eftekhari

Behzad Mohajer

And 13 others

Human Rights Activists in Iran15 Confirmed
June 15 Tehran 2 Fahimeh Salahshoor6

Iman Namazi

Human Rights Activists in Iran Unconfirmed
June 15 Shiraz, Shiraz university 2 Unknown Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat Unconfirmed
June 15 Kermanshah 1 Hossein Tahmasebi11 Wikipedia Confirmed
June 15 Tehran 1 Fatemeh Samsarian کمیته دفاع از حقوق شهروندی Unconfirmed
June 16 Isfahan 1 Hossein Akhtarzand HRA News Agency Confirmed
June 16 Orumieh 2 Unknown Roozonline

Human Rights Activists in Iran

June 16 Tehran 1 Mohammad Nikzadi Human Rights Activists in Iran Unconfirmed
Unknown Yazd 1 Unknown Saeed Valadbaygi Unconfirmed
June 17 Tehran 1 Mohammad Asgari Guardian Confirmed
June 17 Tehran 1 Mohammad Hossein Barzegar Human Rights Activists in Iran Unconfirmed
June 18 Tehran 1 Naser Amirnejad Dast Neveshte1 Confirmed
June 19 Tehran 1 Kianoush Asa Various2 Confirmed
June 20 Tehran 13 Neda Agha Soltan

Kaveh Alipour

Ashkan Sohrabi

Bahman Jenabi

Masoud Hashemzade

Hamid Hossein Beig Araghi

Saeed Abbasi & link

Ali Fathalian

Abbas Disnad14

Ramin Ramezani

Nader Naseri

And 2 others

Youtube video (Warning: Graphic)


June 20 Tehran 21 (34-13) Read these names together with the above row Seyed Reza Tabatabai

Iman Hashemi

Mohsen Haddadi

Vahed Akbari

Abolfazl Abdollahi

Salar Tahmasebi

Farzad Jashni9

Hamed Basharati

Babak Sepehr

Tina Soudi

Maryam Mehr Azin

Milad Yazdan Panah

And 9 others


Human Rights Activists in Iran

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran18

June 21 Tehran 1 Parisa Koli Human Rights Activists in Iran Unconfirmed
June 21 Tehran 2 Ali Shahedi

Sajjad Ghaed Rahmati

Various Confirmed
June 23 Tehran 1 Shalir Khazra7 Various Unconfirmed
June 24 Tehran 1 Vahid Reza Tabatabai Human Rights Activists in Iran Unconfirmed
June 28 Tehran 1 Mahmoud Raisi Najafi موج سبز آزادی Confirmed
June (perhaps June 15) Tehran 1 Moharram Chegini Gheshlaghi نوروز Confirmed
July 1 Tehran 1 Yaghoub Barvayeh4 Various Confirmed
Before July 3 Mashhad 1 Unknown


1-3 July Sirjan 1 Mohammad Naderipour

موج سبز آزادی

Before July 5 Mashhad 1 Hamid Maddah Shourcheh Va inak akharol zaman weblog Confirmed
July 6 Tehran 1 Ahmad Kargar Nedjati19


July Tehran 1 Said Esmaeeli Khanbebin

ایران بلاگ

July 11 Mashhad 1 Mehrdad Heydari


July 14 Shiraz 1 Arman Estakhri Pour ندانیوز Unconfirmed
July 14 Tehran, Evin/Kahrizak Prison 1 Amir Javadifar12 HRA News Agency Confirmed
6-15 July Tehran 1 Taraneh Mousavi16 Various Confirmed
July 16 Tehran 1 Mohammad Kamrani HRA News Agency Confirmed
July 17 Tehran 1 Mostafa Kiarostami HRA News Agency Confirmed
Before July 20 Tehran 1 Behzad Ghahremani INA Unconfirmed
June 15 –  July 22 Tehran 1 Hossein Akbari HRA News Agency Confirmed
10-22 July Tehran, Evin Prison 1 Mohsen Roh-Ol-Amini جام جم Confirmed
9-25 July Tehran 1 Ramin Ghahremani


9-26 July Tehran, Kahrizak Prison 6 Hassan Shapoori

Reza Fatahi

Milad (no surname)

Morteza Salahshoor

Morad Aghasi

Mohsen Entezami

Reza Yavari’s blog -Kahrizak13

June 20 – Aug 1 Kermanshah 1 Pouya Maghsoud Beigi


Unknown Tehran 2 Hadi Fallah Manesh

Jafar Barvayeh

نوروز Confirmed
Unknown Unknown 1 Neda Asadi نوروز Unconfirmed
August 25 Yazd 1 Majid Kamali

موج سبز آزادی

August 26 Isfahan 1 Mohammad Javad Parandakh20


November 10 Tehran, Kahrizak 1 Ramin Pourandarjani



List of Martyrs, some sources are in Persian

1 Naser Amirnejad was wounded June 15 but died on June 18 and therefore cannot have been a part of the original figures.

2 Kianoush was arrested on June 15 and was found in a morgue on June 24. He is, I believe, the first confirmed martyr while at custody (torture?). In his 40th day ceremony, his brother clearly states that Kianoush’s time of death is June 19.

3 There is a possibility, however remote, that the killing had not been political.

4 Yaghoub was shot on June 20 and passed away on July 1. He is therefore not accounted for in the original figures for June 20. Update: According to a different report, Yaghoub was shot form the roof of the Loghman mosque on June 25 and was martyred the same day at the Loghman Hospital.

5 In many sites it is wrongly stated that the martyrs are Fatemeh Rajabpour and her daughter when in fact Fatemeh is the daughter of Sarvareh Broumand.

6 If confirmed, Fahime Salahshoor is one of the first martyrs of the green revolution.

7 According to various sources, Shalir (sometimes wrongly spelled Shalar or Shiler) died on either June 16 or June 23.

8 Despite the fact that Sohrab’s martyrdom was discovered on July 11, it seems now that he was killed during the June 15 demonstration.

9 It seems that Farzad Jashni and Farzad Hashti (similar looking spelling in Persian) is the same person. There is no information available about Hashti than his name. I suggest that Hashti is removed from the list unless proven otherwise.

10 This report mentions that at least 3 people have died, one of them is Mostafa Ghanian who was martyred in Tehran and the second one is probably martyr Hamid Maddah Shourcheh.

11 Some sources had wrongly reported Famil (as in sir name) Tahmasebi had been martyred in Kermanshah. However, it is now ascertained that it is the same person as Hossein Tahmasebi.

12 This martyr has variously been identified as Amir Javadifar and Amir Javadi Langaroudi but this interview settles the matter, it is Javadifar.

13 According to this very disturbing account of the Kahrizak camp (prison), there is at least another 6 martyrs. The account is plausible since we already have the torture and subsequent death of Mohsen Roh-Ol-Amini and Amir Javadifar at Kahrizak verified. If one of those mentioned is independently verified as martyr, then I consider the whole account to be true.

14 There are very little sources about Abbas Disnad. However the report from INA and comments made on that page in conjunction with a commemoration invitation issued by Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Mohsen Sazgar where the precise spot for Disnad’s grave is given (incidentally the same block as Neda Agha Soltan), makes this case plausible. Update August 20: A report on Saham News now definitely verifies this case.

15 Up until the disclosure of the identity of the martyr Behzad Mohajer, I considered the report from Human Rights Activists in Iran as unconfirmed. However, now that the “quota of Rasool-e Akram Hospital” is filled, the report about the Erfan Hospital has to be considered as confirmed. Observe that in most cases, we do not know who was at which hospital, we only have access to numbers.

16 State media has tried to refute the case of Taraneh. The evidence is however still compelling. Please read this article (in Farsi) to further support the case.

17 According to some reports, Sadri died at Emam Ali Hospital.

18 The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has ascertained that “on 20 June, when the government reported that 11 protesters had been killed, three Tehran hospitals placed a total of 34 corpses of demonstrators in their morgues: Imam Khomeini Hospital had 19 bodies; Rasool Akram Hospital, 8 bodies; and Loghman Hospital, 7 bodies.” This is 15 more than in my  previous list for June 20 and because the ”quota” for former reports is already filled I shall from now on consider the figure of 34 martyrs for June 20 as valid.

19 The website Triboon which is close to the government, had stated that Ahmad Kargar Nedjati is alive.

20 Kalam News, close to the Government, states that suicide is the reason for the death of Mohammad Javad Parandakh. While that is true, it is also true that he has been under severe pressure by authorities and had earlier on the day of his suicide been questioned by them.

So far at least 63 people have become martyrs in the new Iranian revolution and this figure may be as high as 115. In many cases despite the fact that there is a name I still choose to regard the report as unconfirmed. That is because there is ONLY ONE REPORT – albeit published all over the internet. May they rest in peace.

On August 11, the spokesman of the ‘Committee for pursuing the rights of those detained and injured in recent events’ submitted a list of 69 named martyrs to the Iranian parliament, Majles. On September 3 this list had increased to 72. On September 4 the Norouz newspaper published this list. On September 9, the committee was shut by the orders of Tehran prosecutor and the representatives of Mousavi and Karroubi at this committee were detained.

On August 22 and 23, the Norouz newspaper reported (Aug 23 report) the secretive burial of 44 bodies in the Behesht Zahra cemetery on July 12 and 15.

On June 24 Saeed Valadbaygi publishes a letter that is allegedly written by one of the doctors at the Rasool-e Akram hospital on his weblog. The English translation of this letter is not completely accurate. However, if the letter is authentic, it provides some new information about the events of June 15. The pictures on the weblog show the courageous staff of the Rasool-e Akram hospital who brandish placards that clearly says that eight people died at this hospital and that would corroborate the original information. However, in the letter the doctor says that 10 people had died and that is in fact one more than what I have heard before. However, the most astonishing part is that it says that another 38 people were dead because of gun wounds at the Imam Khomeini hospital. Human rights activists in Iran had reported 15 martyrs at the Erfan hospital, so we are looking here at different hospitals. This letter then implies that the number of – at least unconfirmed – martyrs is 39 more than was previously supposed.

According to a letter signed by an anonymous physician on July 16 and published by the Committee of Human Rights Reporters the number of martyrs on June 20 are still higher. It is alleged that 22 people died at Imam Khomeini Hospital (3 more than the figure above), 16 at Rasool Akram Hospital (8 more than the figure above) and 9 at Shariati Hospital. If confirmed, the number of martyrs of June 20 is 20 more than previous estimate and the total number of martyrs stands at 174.

Amongst other names of martyrs on the net, there are Salar Ghorbani Param, Farzad Hasthi (see 9), Maryam Mehr Azin, Amir Kaviri, Amir Toufanpour (same as (Amir) Hossein Toufanpour), Mohammad (12 years old), Mohammad Hossein Feizi, Hassan Kazemeini, Mr Moazez, Amir Abdoulahnejad, Mohsen Moradi, Yousef Saleh, Mohammad Reza Maghsoodlou, Hossein Alef and Mansour Ghoujazadeh. I have however not been able to confirm these martyrs.

A case of disinformation (that duped me) is the case of 12 year old Alireza Tavassoli who was stated to have been killed at Behesht Zahra. However looking at this picture (and if you could read Farsi), it is clear that he was killed almost a month before the incident supposedly happened.

Omid Reza Mir Sayafi is another name that is seen amongst the martyrs of the green revolution. He was a political prisoner and did in fact die in Evin prison. But that was on March 18 way before the election and therefore not included in my list.

At the moment it is very difficult to judge whether a piece of information is correct or not. I will therefore underline that this list by no means pretends to be 100% correct. It only shows what is certain and what is very probable. Therefore, I appreciate very much if you can contribute to this page. To update this list, please contact me with credible information and preferably links by sending your emails to:

Let’s hope that this list grows no more.

Here is a photograph of Masoud Hashemzade who was shot June 20 at Shadman st close to Azadi. He was 27.

Masoud Hashemzadeh, age 27, unmarried, is mourned by his parents, three brothers and the Iranian nation

Masoud Hashemzadeh, age 27, unmarried, is mourned by his parents, three brothers and the Iranian nation

This is a photograph of Amir Javadifar who was tortured to death at Kahrizak and Evin prison

24 year old student Amir Javadi Langaroudi was tortured at Kahrizak and died in Evin prison July 14

24 year old student Amir Javadifar was tortured at Kahrizak and died in Evin prison July 14

This is a photograph of Sajad Ghaed Rahmati who was shot and martyred on June 21

Sajad Ghaed Rahmati

Sajad Ghaed Rahmati

Some clips of our martyrs. Beware that these are graphic clips

This is the clip of Neda Agha Soltan

This clip from June 15 is the martyr Davood Sadri

This clip might be form June 18

This clip is supposedly from June 20. A protester is shot in the head. Be warned that you see the dead martyr towards the end of the clip

This clip is supposedly from June 24. Again, the person in this clip might have been martyred.


73 Responses to “Revolution Martyrs”

  1. I invite you and others to come to and help fill in the details of those who have died in Iran, especially where there are names, ages, how and where they died etc. Even photos (from BEFORE) etc perhaps.

    We think this will both help them be remembered, but also put a human perspective on what at the moment are only numbers.

    The site was set up by people who deeply believe in freedom of communication, in response to the Iranian authorities attempting to shut down the communications of the Iranian people. The site is currently showing about 2000 users at any one time,

    • iranrevolution said

      I have added WWP as a link here. I hope that we can together, with our combined efforts, achieve our common goal. I shall contribute to WWP.

      • I’ve updated WWP with info from here… Also, there are some names here: that are not on your list yet. Sad regards, –Justin

      • iranrevolution said

        Hi Justin,

        I am aware that there is more new data and I will shortly amend the list. I think it is very important to have a correct and comprehensive list so that, amongst many reasons, the world knows what is happening and that the regime cannot lie about the number of people it is killing. Thank you for your effort and help.

        Best regards Iranian Revolution

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  3. HeathenAngel said

    My heart goes out to you. I wish that there were more I could do, but I sit half way around the world and watch in stunned silence as your people are shot down for asking for something that is already theirs; freedom. Know that while I do not share your religious ideologies, while I do not attempt to understand things in your culture.. I wish you peace and the freedom that you deserve.

    • Margie said

      I feel like you do and by heart is consumed with this thing. I want to do more but I sit and by my computer and RT. I feel that they will win just so God will allow them to take the path their heart leads them to take. Pray with me for the supreme backwards leader to be taken out. The people will not rest untill they have freedom.

  4. Andrew Clarke said

    I am truely shocked at the footage being shown here on the net. The brutality and barbarism of the iranian goverments reprisal on protesters has nothing whatsoever to do with democracy. This clamp down from goverment forces goes to show that the election was rigged. They are trying to hold on to every morsel of power they can retain. Past reformists in Iran have been edged out of office and all I can see is one old man doing his utmost to hold on to power. It’s the youth of Iran that hold it’s future and any suppression will end in turmoil. The narrow mindness of this regime will inevitably be it’s downfall. Let’s hope it ends soon!!!!

  5. Kurt Spornberger said

    i have no words for the unnecessary atrocities committed completley unprovoked. But while we mourn the dead we also have to think of the living. Is there somewhere a list on arrested and missing people? we do have to speak out for those hundreds arrested and fearing their future in Irans prisons for the sole reason that they went to the streets to speak out.

    • Siroos said

      Dear Kurt – Don’t for a moment make the mistake to think that they will rot in prison! They have already started to execute them – For “drug-related crimes”. They’re executing around 30 men and women at a time,and in cities all around Iran. There are also reports coming out from Iran that many of the arrested never even made it to jail, but where taken out to the outskirts of the cities where they were brutally killed and dumped in wastelands! Thousands of parents, spouses and sons and daughters have still not received any news from their missing children, wives, husbands, parents, and so on. Those parents who complained to the authorities have been told to be quiet or else they will loose their other children as well! This is a truly EVIL regime! It has hijacked Islam and Iran. These are criminal thugs, thieves and murderers who are using religion to gain power.

  6. Teriss said

    No words can express my sorrow for the loss of these Iranian martyrs who died in the name of freedom and democracy. There are no Supreme Leaders – Freedom is Supreme, not men.
    The women of Iran are leaders and fighting for equality and Iran has to come out of the dark ages of a suppressive military government that does not obey its own laws or the laws of human decency.

    These are the people who support Ahmadinejad and the ayatollah are not supreme leaders, they are dishonest and dishonorable subjects who have blood on their hands for their greedy grasp at power.

    There will be freedom in Iran – it will come- change must happen as it did in all other countries to rid themselves of these poisonous despicable men in power-who are weak and must have an army to protect themselves from the truth.

    Canada, the USA, England and Europe all stand for freedom and democracy- and we support Iran – Freedom for Iran.

  7. Dave said

    Martyrs for all mankind.

    We love you Iranian freedom fighters . . .

    Neda, you shall be remembered

    God bless you, rest in peace

    • Elyar said

      may the forces of divinity and light and tranquility protect her family, and may her tender life

    • D. Astin said

      Fighting for all of us, for all mankind.

  8. Thanks for letting us know our HEROES.

  9. Rafael said

    Your sacrifice will change the world.

  10. Mike Lee said

    I hope the whole world will stand together in 1 minute of silence to honour these brave Iranians.

  11. Human Rights Watch asks everyone to send information about arrests, killings, and other human rights abuses to Your information will be dealt with confidentially. Or tweet to #tweet4justice.

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  16. Antonio said

    I remembered from the Bible that Christ said something like this: ‘The greatest gift a man can give is to lay down his life for his friend/s.’

    • Betty Porter said

      Remember the one about Daniel and the lions?????? was that it??

  17. newsfromiran said

    We have found this video in the net about elections, but we’ve not sure that is true…

  18. Mad Dragon said

    The Iranian civilians have shown that they have the courage to shed their own blood for the sake of justice and freedom. I know their are freedom loving members of the security or military establishment like Mohammad Asgari. Unfortunately for them, they are now used to slaughter innocent citizens. If they are not going to make a stand, they will be used to suppress freedom. Its like having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. But they should be true to their calling, which is the protect the welfare of the people of Iran, and not the few evil mullahs who claimed to represent God.

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  20. Lela said

    May God Bless our Iranian brothers and sisters who have been martyred in the name of freedom. God has a special and beautiful place in heaven for them. May they rest in peace.

    He also has a special place in hell for those who have declared themselves more holy than Him and have allowed His children’s blood to be spilled. May they never experience the peace they have deprived of others.

  21. […] Re: Neda's Story by the Dr. who tried to save her life Here's a list of the dead put together by the protesters. It's vastly different from the "official" 17 dead put out by the Iranian gov't. Revolution Martyrs Revolution in Iran […]

  22. Betty Porter said

    Yeah these guys are no doubt Evil and have a place in Hell wait on them, With Hitler.

  23. Xu said

    When I was watching the Ayatollah making a very repressive speech in front of mentally programmed robotic audience, I feel like I was watching nazi and fascist gathering where everybody has to agree or else risk going to the gas chamber.

    This kind of tyranny has no place in the 21st century. You just cannot fool the people anymore.

  24. Hugo said

    I can’t believe things had to go this far in the first place. My heart goes out to you guys, keep applying pressure if you can.

    It’s obvious Ayatollah is acting like a cornered beast right now – but he can’t survive this kind of pressure forever. Just keep on the streets, keep shouting, keep organising and hopefully you’ll get somewhere.

    Oh, and for anyone outside of Iran reading this who wants to help in Iran – check this link out, and get to work.

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  26. stagemanager2 said

    wear green to support the people of Iran on our own independence day, and remember what people have given up for our freedom… and what people have been doing for the last few weeks for the freedom of the children of Iran.

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  37. 10-yr old boy fatally shot by Basijis: During a demonstration on Gandi St. in Tehran on 14 June, a 10-yr old boy, Mohammad, was shot by the Basijis; though rushed to the hospital by his father, he died en route. The video was sent to me by the friend who made it on their cellphone.

  38. Hamid said

    Green iranian revolution? by Hashemi, Musavi and Khatami as leaders? What does it really means?
    Can people be fri from repression, torture, execution?
    can workers, students, womens stablish their own fri trade unions, have people right to strike? can people be fri from governing by religion? will women be equal with men?
    will people be fri from homelessness, powerty, inflation? can people frilly criticies any ideology no matter what it is, islam, christian, aso. will people get equal possibility to live and to develope themselves? will people be fri from discrimination? can people be fri to work 50-60 70 or 100 hours in a week? can people get only 35 hour job in a week, to mounth holiday? will people be fri from this dangrous atmospher? can people have fri access to school, collage, university? is it possible to divide the lands richment among people?

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  42. AJ said

    Thank you so much for putting this information together. These brave souls must NEVER be forgotten. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. You have my email address. Long Live a Free and Democratic Iran

    • iranrevolution said

      Thank you for your words of support. As usual, if anyone has reliable information – preferably with links and pictures – regarding our dear martyrs, contact Revolution in Iran.

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  44. altuna said

    Almost eighty names of killed protesters at:

    • iranrevolution said

      I am aware of that. I have currently 54 names in the list and another 20 outside the list. These are names that I have not been able to confirm and for various reasons have less confident in their validity. I am trying to show only confirmed or semiconfirmed data in the list.

  45. Sorry, so Amir’s last name is only Javadifar? without Langeroodi? Thank you

  46. Peggy H. said

    My family left Iran in December 1978. I was only a child. For 30+ years I have lived a privileged life of freedom yet I have carried a nagging wound at the heart of me. On June 12th I voted for the first time in Iranian elections. Hope was stolen and just like that my old wound ripped wide open; for almost 50 days now I agonize in front of my computer. From Twitter to Facebook, I keep sifting through all the news I can get my hands on: What is true, what isn’t… After 30+ years to finally belong, to at last feel the blood of 3 millennia of ancestry flow through your veins, only to watch your brothers and sisters battered, murdered, tortured by a travesty of a republic led by a theocratic dictatorship that has betrayed its own roots in Islam…
    The data is astounding… I am told by relatives that have been ordered to turn around on a road to Pashand by militia that “Plain Clothes” were covering a landfill with earth, that the stench was horrific and that the air was filled with death… How do we even begin to confirm anything if our martyrs are buried by the hundreds in mass graves?!

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  50. Dear friend, are you not going do add Behzad Mohajer? article here:
    Do you know the facebook site of shohadaye jombeshe sabz? they have plenty of photos as well.
    Zende bash.

    • iranrevolution said


      He is already in the list. You can find him as a martyr of June 15. In fact, he is the reason why I now declare the confirm cases of martyrs to be 15 more than before. See my number 15 comment in the list.
      Sepas gozaram

  51. There is a contradicting report on Davood Sadri here: telling a different age and the name of the hospital he was taken to.. looks confused

    • iranrevolution said

      Yes, there seems to be two different accounts regarding his age and the Hospital. Both reports agree on the date of his martyrdom. IF the other report is confirmed (you are welcome to help with investigation) then Sadri need to be listed at Rasoule Akram hospital and one of those who are listed at that hospital now be moved to Erfan Hospital. We can do that because in most cases we actually do not have information about the Hosptial where the martyrs were brought to.

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  53. Mani said

    I agree we need to be honest and objective about the situation in Iran specifically toward the killed.

    I don’t know if we can introduce this list with “green Iranian revolution”.
    For those who fight without supporting Moussavi.

    I hope this revolution is more than green.

  54. Surena said

    The western media outlets have used all their deception and spin tricks up to the cord, including subliminal-spin and insidious propaganda to prop up this totally fraudulent regime in Iran. Sometimes we have the impression that some undercover secret service agents of spin masters have replaced the honest impartial Journalists and News producers, or could be they were there from beginning and we were unaware of them.

    Tyrant Khamenei and Ahmadinejad are both fraudulent usurpers and totally illegitimate, rejected and loathed by overwhelming majority of Iranians. They will be ousted by the people in a shorter time than their foreign secret service handlers think. Hence, any government, or entity, that has heavily invested and planned on the supposed long-term survival of in this criminal enterprise, the fraudulent regime of their “Supreme Puppet Khamenei”, will soon have a very shocking, painful awakening and huge loss of credibility in the eyes of the public opinion of the free world.

  55. AJ said

    Thanks for the continued updates. I was wondering if a picture could be attached to each martyr’s name. Seeing an innocent face behind a name is very powerful. Long live a free and democratic Iran. Death to the Islamic Republic. Will be in washington DC for solidarity later today

  56. EG said

    Ahmadinegad! STOP KILL PEOPLE! it is YOUR girls and boys. will you kill all 70 millions?

  57. Redcrossmom said

    Thank you Iranrevolution for collecting this information together. May God bless and keep you and yours safe and may God bless those brave Persians who were injured or died in their fight for freedom.

  58. Azar said

    My heart is browken in thousand pieces. My rage towards GOV is high to sky and and even more towards the SILENT WORLD! The world GOVs are just as guilty as Irans regime by turning their faces away form it and giving hope to Iranians with hollow speeches in order to keep their multy bill trades! How sivelised can they be compered to our GOV?! Let us never forget that human rights interests always stand behind the TRADE. Brave ppl of Iran, you have given back the pide and honour to all iranins, I kiss your hands for that, thank you. This path that you started has no retune, may God be with you all the way. Love you all, miss to be with you.

  59. […] Revolution in Iran dresse une liste de 114 personnes tuées dans la répression des manifestations en mentionnant la ville, le nom, la date et la source de l’information. […]

  60. Araz said

    Please add Shahram Farajzadeh (Faraji)’s name to your list. The best way to know who he was and how he was killed is to watch a youtube video made for him entitled:” Shahram & Awa call you for 22 Bahman”
    He was killed on Ashoura in Valiasr Tehran.

  61. Mr. King said

    Perhaps beyond a change of leadership, we need to focus on a bigger picture… the way we select government officials. This would make a long-lasting change for the better…

    Do we need a Referendum For A New Democracy?

    Are you concerned about the future of democracy? Do you feel democracy is under attack by extreme greed in countries around the world? Are you sick and tired of: living in fear, corporate greed, growing police state, government for the rich, working more but having less?

    Can we use both elections and random selection (in the way we select government officials) to rid democracy of undue influence by extreme wealth and wealth-dominated mass media campaigns?

    The world’s first democracy (Athenian democracy, 600 B.C.) used both elections and random selection. Even Aristotle (the cofounder of Western thought) promoted the use random selection as the best way to protect democracy. The idea of randomly selecting (after screening) juries remains from Athenian democracy, but not randomly selecting (after screening) government officials. Why is it used only for individual justice and not also for social justice? Who wins from that? …the extremely wealthy?

    What is the best way to combine elections and random selection to protect democracy in today’s world? Can we use elections as the way to screen candidates, and random selection as the way to do the final selection? Who wins from that? …the people?

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