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Cries of Defiance

Posted by iranrevolution on July 3, 2009

I firmly believe that civil disobedience, any and all kind of it, is a great tool in the fight against repression because

  1. The government is visibly, but peacefully, confronted.
  2. People will know that they are not fighting the government alone.
  3. The various forms of protest can easily spread.
  4. At one point, the government will have to face all day long protests manifesting itself in a great variety of ways and in such a manner that the government is simply paralysed to respond to.

So pick your choice, you want to wear green? Have your headlights on? Turn your lights off in the evening? Cry your defiance? Or do all of the above and more, every day and with all your neighbours at the same time?

This video is recorded on July 1 (well into the third week of the new Iranian revolution). I only hope that these cries of defiance shall be heard from every corner of every town until the change we sought, the change that unites all of us materialises.


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