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Rally in Your City in Support of Iranian People

Posted by iranrevolution on July 21, 2009

I am going to announce this post constantly untill July 25 . Why? Because that is the day that ALL of you are going out on the streets of your cities and support the Iranian People. No excuses please. This is the least we can do!

Here is a good youtube video to get you in the mood of the things (sorry it just refuses to be embedded)

Where? All over the place. You can visit the organising site for loads of info or else just find your cities right here. OBSERVE that if you have Freegate antifilter on, you have to turn it off before visiting the organising site or else you won’t get in (God know only why). So plan nothing else during the rally and get yourself, your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbours and anyone else you know to the rally. Be assured that everyone you know believe in Freedom and if you just ask, you might get more positive answers than you’ve imagined.

Here is the list of 109 cities:

Alamonte Springs, FL

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Bagnacavallo, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Beirut, Lebanon

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Berlin, Germany

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Bogota, Colombia

Boston, MA

Boulder, CO

Brighton, England

Brisbane, Australia

Bristol, England

Brussels, Belgium

Budapest, Hungary

Cairo, Egypt

Calgary, Canada

Canberra, Australia

Caracas, Venezuela

Castelldefels, Spain

Charlotte, NC

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Cologne (Köln), Germany

Columbus, OH

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dallas, TX

Detroit, MI

Dortmund, Germany

Dublin, Ireland

Düsseldorf, Germany

Edinburgh, Scotland

Frankfurt, Germany

Fresno, CA

Gainessville, FL

Geneva, Switzerland

Glasgow, Scotland

Gothenburg, Sweden

Halifax, Canada

Hamburg, Germany

Hannover, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

Helena, MT

Houston, TX

Innsbruck, Austria

Irvine, CA

Istanbul, Turkey

Kabul, Afghanistan

Kansas City, MO

Krakow, Polen

Lahore, Pakistan

Las Vegas. NV

Lausanne, Switzerland

Lincoln, NE

Lisbon, Portugal

London, England

Los Angeles, CA

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Madison, WI

Madrid, Spain

Malmo, Sweden

Manchester, England

Manila, Philippines

Melbourne, Australia

Miami Beach, FL

Milan, Italy

Minnneapolis, MN

Montreal, Canada

Munich, Germany

New Delhi, India

New York, NY

Orlando, FL

Oslo, Norway

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Palencia, Spain

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Paris, France

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ

Portland, OR

Prague, Czech Republic

Raleigh, NC

Revine Lago, Italy

Rome, Italy

Salt Lake City, UT

San Diego, CA

San Fransisco, CA

Sau Paulo, Brazil

Seattle, WA

Seoul, South Korea

Saint Kitts, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Louis, MO

Stockholm, Sweden

Sydney, Australia

Syracuse, NY

Tempe, AZ

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

Tucson, AZ

Valencia, Spain

Vancouver, Canada

Victoria, Canada

Vienna, Austria

Villeneuve-les-Avignon, France

Washington DC

Zurich, Switzerland

And these in US courtesay of Amnesty International USA

San Diego, California
Rally time:
July 24, 6-8pm
Rally location: Balboa Park, (1900 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA, 92101) at the corner of President’s way, on the lawn
More information:
Contact: Stephanie Hanson at 760-230-2936, //

San Francisco, California
Rally time:
July 25, 12pm-4pm
Rally location: City Hall
More information:
Contact: //

Chicago, Illinois
Rally time:
July 25, 12 noon
Place: Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Adams
Rally time: Noon
Rally location: Federal Plaza at Dearborn and Adams Street in downtown Chicago
More information: or contact //

New York, New York
Rally time:
July 25, 12:30pm
Rally location: Starts at Times Square, 41st and 7th Avenue. There will then be a march to the United Nations.

Washington DCDC event on July 25 will be in 3 parts:

Part one: Demonstration @ UN Office
Start at 4:00pm, corner of 18th+K. We have requested road closure from DCDOT. Signs, slogans, use of bullhorns.

Part two: March to Rally
March starts at 5:15pm, East on K st one block, South on 17th st (march past WH w/o stopping), Enter Constitutional Gardens at 17th + Constitution St.

Part three: Rally at National Mall Constitution Gardens (on 19th + Constitution)
Jody Williams, Nobel Laureate
Mehrangiz Kar, Human Rights Lawyer
Joe Stork, Human Rights Watch, Deputy Director of Middle East and North Africa Division
Parisa Saeb, Human Rights Activist
Dariush, Prominent Iranian Singer and Social Activist has a really cool map to help organise protests. Check it out.

WhyWeProtest has a forum dedicated to World Wide Protest planning

Crowdable is another site that tracks protests against the regime in Iran

Some of the supporters are really BIG NAMES

And to get you going, here is my favorite comedian Maz Jobranis appeal:

Observe that the is at the moment I write this post down. But google is not, so look around on the web and find where YOU can support the Iranian People.


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