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Yes, Khamenei is scared!

Posted by iranrevolution on June 19, 2009

In his sermon today, Friday 19 June 2009, Khamenei demanded an end to the protests again the results of the presidential elections. He again affirmed his support for a president who is by now discredited both at home and abroad. The legitimacy of this presidency, if, and it is a big if, it manages to cling to power shall always be in question. It will be a weak presidency where various groups within the establishment will feel free to criticize and even mock, much like he’s been treated by the outside world in the past four years. One wonders how can such a sly man as Khamenei misjudge the situation so gravely. Is his fervour for Ahmadinejad based on ideology or is he simply cornered and out of options, Ahmadinejad the only man whom he can trust?

With the opposition, i.e. the Iranian people, sensing the weakness of the regime, realizing that a big push is all that is needed to topple this monstrosity and keeping up the momentum until that moment, it is plain to see how frightened Khamenei and his few allies really are.

Khamenei has put all his eggs in one basket and that basket shall fall shortly and all its eggs are going to break. What we see here is the beginning of the end. We see the end of Khamenei. Let us be vigilant, let us make sure that the next guy – or lady – is going to respect the people whom he represents. The new Iranian revolution is healthy and thriving.


4 Responses to “Yes, Khamenei is scared!”

  1. Fantomas said

    With you 100% , watching very closely via internet , alyazeera Tv . the victory is on the streets

  2. a lens said

    “the next guy” cannot be a person; it has to be a document, a constitution, otherwise you will get the same thing no matter how trustworthy the person may seem.

  3. minoo said

    I warn all of the government , country , especiall Mr. Barak Obama , for threathing Regime Iran ( Ayatollhah Khamene and his selected president , Crusing and killing and lack of human right in regard to people in iran will be grew in future and even it will be dangerous for the world and ruin peace- security – change world to real panic – extend terror , stand up the our terrorist , ayatoolay and ahmadi nejad by uprsing.

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