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What is going on?

Posted by iranrevolution on June 18, 2009

How secure is Khamenei? There are good reasons to believe that Khamenei is struggling not just for HIS president, he is also struggling to keep himself in the office of supreme leader.

Unconfirmed reports are coming in that the Assembly of Experts has converged. Remember that the Assembly of Experts is the sole organ in the country that has the power to dismiss the supreme leader. Remember also that the head of the Assembly of experts is Rafsanjani whose rift with Khamenei and Ahmadinejad is obvious even to the novice observer. If this report is true, the obvious question is WHY have they converged now? Should Khamenei worry?

Update – The Assembly of Experts welcomed the election turnout but made no mention of the result (Source) which clearly shows that Rafsanjani opposes Ahmadinejad and is therefore in collision course with Khamenei.

Then we have the case with Mousavi who after getting the cold hand from Khamenei, turned to the clergies of Qom. If there is anywhere that Khamenei is vunerable, even with his most ardent followers, it is his religious credentials. He was elevated from Hojatoleslam, a mid ranking clergy to Ayatollah over night just for the sake of taking the office of supreme leader. Mousavi, cleverly, questioned the wisdom and the religious authority of the supreme leader by turning to Qom clergy. And he has indeed reason to be satisfied with the outcome.

First out was the Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, whose rift with Khomeini himself some 20 years ago has always put him in collision course with Khamenei. And now the latest, Grand Ayatollah Saanei and Grand Ayatollah Ardebili, both issuing statements to the effect that the security forces should operate within the framework of law and furthermore

وی ازنهادهای مسئول انتخابات خواسته است تا به شکایت مردم در زمینه نتیجه انتخابات ریاست جمهوری با دقت و سرعت و به نحوی رسیدگی کنند که موجب رضایت مردم را فراهم آورد و آنان را قانع کند.

He (Ardebili) has asked the relevant organs to pay attention to people’s complaints regarding the result of the presidential election with accuracy and haste and in a manner that satisfies and convinces the people.

So how secure is Khamenei?


7 Responses to “What is going on?”

  1. LTVX said

    Iran shouldn’t be run by any ayatollah at all. Religion must be separated from the state.

    • Me said

      they’ve (the clergy, the ayatollahs, …) used religion an instrument for enforcing their rule…
      religion is also the most deeply ingrained thing in the iranian culture…
      this by no means refers to extreme Islam, or any extremist/fanatical faction/group/behavior…
      majority of iranians just hold certain things sacred.. such as God, his Messengers/Prophets, and good sensible behaviors like Peace, Liberty, Justice, Humility, Kindness, Love, Unity…
      The mullahs have twisted this dedication to concepts as an instrument for their power

      • Payam said

        probably you are not iranian, otherwise you would know that religion has nothing to do with iranian culture. Islam were brought by arabs to iran, and until today most iranian reject islam.

        Today all mosques are empty and people making jokes about god, islam and the prophets.
        Stop telling lies about iranian.
        The protests in iran are not only against Ahmadinejad but a voice against religion and islam.

  2. Me said

    Rafsanjani is not the head of Assembly of Experts (majles e khobregan) he is the head of Guardianship Council (Tashkhise Maslehat)!
    your info sources are crooked.

  3. Iran seems to be already won:

    Excellent news.

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