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Keeping the momentum

Posted by iranrevolution on June 17, 2009

We did it once, didn’t we? Who would have ever thought that the regime of Shah would crumble? For those of you, who were too young to remember, ask your parents if they ever cried “Javid Shah” and I bet you that the answer is an ashamed yes. And in despite of that, that everyone at some point looked up to this towering figure, we toppled him, him with his army and his secret police and his great backers. So what is there to stop us now?

Guns and bullets of course. The regime has already shown its ugly face by killing at least sixteen people. This time around one needs not to search long on sites like YouTube to find images of atrocities. But perhaps that itself is the reason why we should once and for all get rid of tyrants whose most devoted followers are more than happy to shoot and kill their fellow countrymen for the crime of being of different mind. For how long shall we accept to be governed by unelected figures? For how long shall we accept that our candidates must first be vetted? When can WE decide who is going to govern us? When are we going to have a government that has the highest power in the country and is at the same time accountable for all its actions?

How often do we get the chance to ouster the dictator? Last time it was July 9, 1999. That is TEN years ago. Let us not loose this opportunity. Let us keep the momentum.


3 Responses to “Keeping the momentum”

  1. Michael Gentis said

    What can we do as Americans with a home computer to help the people of Iran? I`m not real computer literate, but anything I could do if possible, I will. I feel for the people of Iran and understand being forced to live under the tyrany of a dictatorship. I`m new to twitter and the computer xo any help I can give on the computer must be detailed.

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